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Jisc Monitor Requirements Catalogue


This Requirements catalogue was assembled by the Jisc Monitor project ( as a product of investigating Use Cases in tracking Open Access publication between May and December 2014. It has a particular focus on tracking publications, validating compliance and managing costs and underpins project decisions regarding software design and development priorities in those areas.

Whilst there is an emphasis on institutional perspectives (especially drawn from library and research management teams), the issues faced by authors and publishers are also reflected. Similarly, whilst much attention was focused on Gold OA (processing APCs and ensuring Research Council compliance), requirements for monitoring Green OA (including the HEFCE mandate) and for covering the full range of publication media (not just journal articles) are strongly represented. Finally, the requirements principally reflect UK emphases, whilst recognizing the importance of establishing global standards and practices across the publishing supply chain.


The requirements are derived from a range of sources, as follows (2014 unless stated):


The intention of the catalogue is to capture authentic expressions of need and expectation. The requirements are therefore intentionally phrased as closely as possible to the source statements, rather than being translated in to standardised expressions (for example as ‘User Stories’). Similarly, requirements are recorded irrspective of whether they are deemed to be in scope or feasible obhectives for the focus and timeline of the Jisc Monitor pilot.

Whilst the dataset contains columns indicating the prioirity of each requirement in the context of the Monitor project and whether covered by the Monitor logical data model, these assignations do not reflect ‘value judgements’, the value of the catalogue being hoprefullly much broader than one project. We therefore hope that the catalogue is useful for anyone anywhere involved in developing practice, process, standards or software systems within the Open Access ecosystem.


You can download the Requirements Catalogue data as a csv file.

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